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Фондовый рынок: три сценария. Блог Яна Арта - 22.05.2022

No more trust to FED. Inflation will go global. Dollar to smoothly depreciate. Steen Jakobsen

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What are the factors that affect the global stock market today? Will dollar inflation be long-term? Why the dollar is still able to collapse by 30%? Does the stock market believe the Fed's policy? What could be the "white swans" and the "black swans" in 2022? Will the price of gold go down? Will the coronavirus pandemic stop affecting the stock market? What should private investors focus on now a days? Why the "Green Policy" and ESG are largely remain an illusion and how much it will cost the world? These and other topics are discussed by Finversia Editor-in-chief Yan Art and Saxo Bank Chief investment officer Steen Jakobsen.


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